Tuesday, 1 February 2011

France | Bay of St Brieuc | Yannick Hemeury's view CLPM Paimpol

Y. Hemeury (c) Le Télégramme de Brest
Hereafter, the view of Yannick Hemeury, president of the local Fishermen committee of Paimpol, who favoured in january 2011 the project  of windmills, as it should be presented within the call for projects. (Translation of an article from "Le Télégramme de Brest" : 2011 - 29th of january)

This project is a chance according to Yannick Hemeury
See here the description of the project

"I consider this project a chance for the fishermen for several reasons :

1°) This [the monetary compensation] will help us to fight the Crepidula fornicata which crowded our fishing grounds and hampered our valuable scallop exploitation. This fight against this trophic competitor of our scallops is the "number one" priority.

2°) The monetary compensation should also help us to finance our collective projects, such as Lobster V Notching and Lobster tanks

3°) Fishery will be preserved, there will be enough space between each windmill to enable us dredging and trawling. We will find a way and aggreements to live all together. Surely, there will be an impact during the building phase, but the danish example let us think the fish will come back.

4°) That will be a chance for a local fishing harbour (small port of Loguivy) which could serve as a logistic plateforme to the wind industry