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France | Bay of St Brieuc | Alain Coudray's view CLPM ST Brieuc

Alain Coudray (c) Le Télégramme de Brest

Articles translated :
  • Baie de Saint-Brieuc (22). La pêche sacrifiée sur l'autel de l'éolien offshore ? (Le télégramme, 2010, sept the 29th)
  • Nass&Wind et les pêcheurs de Bretagne s'engagent à collaborer (Le Télégramme, 2010, dec the 18th)
  • Eolien offshore : le niet des pêcheurs briochins (Le télégramme, 2010, sept the 16th)
Hereafter, the view in 2010 of Alain Coudray, president of the local fishermen committee of Saint Brieuc.
Windfarms will mainly hamper commercial fishing activities
Les éoliennes vont entraver les activités de pêche
see here  for the description of the fisheries of the Bay.

First of all, fishermen are not opposed to offshore windfarms. But they are quite afraid of windfarms installed on their fishing grounds (see photo).

Les pêcheurs ne sont pas opposés aux éoliennes EN MER, mai... on Twitpic
"No windmills on our fishing grounds"
"Since 1965, the scallop fishery is well managed and is famous for it. It is this which is going to be destroyed. For each windmill installed, it is a fishing ground the size of a soccer field which will be destroyed. The building of the windfarm will last between 3 and 4 years. The earthworks will plough up the ground and destroy scallops and other shellfish species"
"208 fishing boats are dependent from this fishing ground, among them 160 scallop dredgers."
"We proposed another area for the installation of the windfarm. It will be a larger area (over the 190 km² one of the call for projects), northward, but at a deeper depth. The windsociety Poweo considers it too costy"
"We do not want to settle a conflict yet, but we want to negociate a fair agreement. If no results, we will take legal proceedings".

Before the national windfarms call for project, the fishermer representatives of the three local committee (Saint Malo, Paimpol, Saint Brieuc) signed a co-operative agreement (2010 december the 17th) with a windcompany (Nass&Wind) which will settle the conditions of negociations : a joint inventory of the current situation, impact assessment, compensatory measures and their implementations. There is no a guarantee for Nass&Wind to be selected. Another wind company, Poweo, expects to be selected too.

The local fishermen committee of Saint Brieuc and the Regional fishermen committee has drawn the fishing grounds maps, proving the windproject was right in the middle of the fishing grounds, with no effects on the choice of the location.

The National fishermen committee declared to AFP they want to be involved in the definition of the terms of reference of the first windfarms call for projects.

Videos (In French, from Le Télégramme de Brest :  2010/09/15 and 2010/09/13)