Monday, 7 February 2011

France | Bay of Saint Brieuc | Saint Brieuc Project

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The Bay of St Brieuc is located on the Northern side of Brittany. The main exploitation is scallops dredging, and ground fish trawling (plus fishnetting and lobster trap fishing to a smaller extent - Northwest of the Bay). The Fishermen are related to 3 local fishermen organisations (Paimpol, St Brieuc and St Malo). The Fishing licences are given through the Regional Fishermen Committee. The fishing boats are mainly small-scale fishing boat, and the fishing fleet is around 200 fishing boats (530 crewmen), for around 7,000 tons (5,700 within the Bay and 1,300 in its offshore area).Average depth for fishing grounds : 35 m.

Bay of St Brieuc is one of the 5 sites included in the first call for Projects for French windfarms (expected by the end of 2011). A hundred of  windmills should be installed. Some of the Fishermen support the installations. Some do not support them on the chosen location (which is considered as the main scallop fishing ground), and propose a larger area norhtward, at a deeper depth.

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